Large Aluminum Pole


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Large Aluminum Pole Style (See Chart)

AC40, AC45, AC80, ACS30, ACS35, ACSS20, ACSS25, ACX25, ACX30, ACX35, ACX40, ACX50, ACX60, ACX70

Lrg Alum Pole Flash Collar

No, Yes

Large Aluminum Pole Internal Halyard* (Internal Halyard not available on: ACSS20, ACSS25, ACS30)

No, Yes

Large Alum Pole Bronze Anodizing

No, Yes

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Large Aluminum Pole Style Chart

Style #Height Above GroundGround SocketButt Dia.Top Dia.Ball Dia.TruckWall ThicknessEst. Gross Weight 


Internal HalyardBronze Anodizing+
ACSS2020'2'3"1-7/8"3"Stat..12550 lb.$422.00$39.00-$190.00
ACSS2525'2-1/2'3"1-3/4"3"Stat..12560 lb.$496.00$39.00-$220.00
ACX2525'3'5"3"5"Rev..125118 lb.$1020.00$39.00*$360.00$330.00
ACS3030'3'4"2 3/8"4"Stat..125109 lb.


ACX3030'3'5"3"5"Rev..125143 lb.$1166.00$39.00*$360.00$390.00
ACS3535'3 1/2'5"3"6"Rev..125156 lb.$1188.00$39.00*-$420.00
ACX3535'3 1/2'6"3 1/2"6"Rev..156172 lb.$1790.00$39.00**$1370.00$498.00
ACX4040'4'7"3 1/2"8"Rev..156248 lb.$2700.00$49.00**$1480.00$660.00
AC4040'4'8"3 1/2"8"Rev..188347 lb.$3128.00$49.00**$1500.00$710.00
AC4545'4'8"3 1/2"8"Rev..188326 lb.$3576.00$49.00**$1525.00$760.00
ACX5050'5'8"3 1/2"8"Rev..188383 lb.$3759.00$49.00**$1548.00$860.00
ACX6060'6'10"4"10"Rev..188535 lb.$5594.00$92.00**$1710.00$1250.00
ACX7070'7'10"4"10"Rev..312875 lb.$9113.00$92.00**$1750.00$1460.00
AC8080'8'12"5"12"Rev..375/.1881105 lb.$13985.00$199.00**$2480.00$1960.00
+ Specify light, dark or medium.       

NOTE: Vertical wall mount, outrigger and yardarm poles, priced upon request.

* Budget internal halyard these poles only.  Cast aluminum stationary truck with ball, cam cleat and hinge door that includes cylinder lock.** Deluxe internal halyard these poles only.  Special aluminum revolving truck (ball optional), stainless steel winch with removable handle.